Branding and ROI: why should always walk together

Por que o ROI é importante no branding?

His company adopts Branding strategies? Know that the ROI (Return on Investment) is an important indicator of measurement results obtained with the strategy.

The strategies that help to build brand value are essential for a company. But many companies do not understand how to measure them. Read here why Branding and ROI should always be linked, making your business achieve its goals.

Beyond design

A brand is more than a nice logo and a qualified design. It is impregnated in the entire scope of the business, under the mentorship of Branding. This process is continuously developed through actions that emphasize the belief in the brand experience. So Branding is so important to achieving business goals. When the brand is managed positively, it is easy to sell products and measure results.

The brand management requires a hegemony actions internally shared by the company’s board, impacting the level of relationship with current and potential customers.

ROI and Branding

The ROI is not easy to compute metric because it represents the profit that the company had in relation to the cost of your campaigns. In the specific case of Branding is more challenging because it involves long time investment. So it’s impossible to get an accurate average. However, to evaluate ROI actions use this formula:

ROI = (Income Investment – Investment Cost) / Cost of Investment

There are many marketing strategies that can be a challenge for some and a great success for others. The difference is in the tactics adopted and choices of investments. Branding requires more than a commitment. He cherishes also for greater coordination and standardization of all sales channels used. The ROI helps to measure and control the investments applied to the results. A company is only successful when investing accurately.

So thought the reason why your brand is not achieving results? We see how the Branding related to ROI important? If you have any questions or want to share your experience with us, comment here.

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