Why should a company need to be present on social media?

Por que sua empresa precisa marcar presença nas redes sociais?

Having presence in social media is one of the most important practices of any digital marketing strategy.

They are today the main tools of information and communication, being the first options for those who want to research about a product and to know the opinion of the users before making a purchase.

Therefore, it is essential to be present where your customers are active and relating. If you want to know about the importance of social media for your business and how to use them, follow our post.

4 reasons for your company to have presence in social media

1. Visibility

One of the most important points of using social media is to gain visibility on the internet. Since they are the most commonly used communication channels, keeping profiles up-to-date and with relevant information will ensure that your brand is seen. Thus, your chances of generating more sales are greater as well as the possibility of turning them into fans of your business.

2. Build credibility

As there are all kinds of companies and lots of information on the internet, users search a lot before making a purchase, looking for better solutions and reliable companies. Social media is the key channel considered by customers when analyzing the reputation and reliability of a business. Also, because they’re open to the public, many customers take into account feedback, feedback, and evaluation from others they’ve already bought with your business. Therefore, it is important to have an updated profile that meets the needs of your audience.

3. Relationship with customers

One of the most important factors in generating more sales is having a good relationship with your leads and customers. Social media is essential to develop this rapprochement between companies and customers, through more open communication, reaffirming brand positioning, and because these channels are extremely interactive. Thus, customers feel free to ask and give suggestions about products and services, as there are no barriers to contact, having more confidence to buy from you.

4. Become a reference in the market

Implementing a social media marketing strategy correctly will help your company become a benchmark in the marketplace. From the moment you deliver valuable content to your customers, you generate authority. These contents can be disseminated through images, blog posts, videos or e-books. For you to become a reference, it is necessary that these contents are educational and directed to the interests of your audience, with the purpose of solving their problems.

How to start a strategy in social media?

The first step to starting your social media strategy is to define your persona from market research and with your current customers. This way, you will know all the essential characteristics to develop content that will attract your ideal clients.

You should plan content for each phase of the sales funnel, whether for attraction, nutrition or sales conversion. Also, it’s important to define the best social networks for your business, because not all will bring the desired results. Notice what your audience’s habits are and on which channels they are most active.

It is very important to maintain a frequency of posts in social media, ensuring the visibility to generate more sales. You stand out from the competition, ensuring the growth of your company and achieving great results.

Do not forget to track these results through the metrics. So you’ll know what should change in your digital marketing strategy.

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