How big companies use sensory marketing to promote the customer experience?

Como grandes marcas usam o marketing sensorial na experiência do cliente?

The consumer relates to the brands through the senses: the sight of the mannequin in the store, the smell and the noise of the ice cream crust, the touch and handling of a product. This is the power of sensory marketing.

Investing in sensory marketing is a smart strategy to strengthen Branding actions, increase branding, and boost sales results. This is how many companies are managing to deliver an incredible buying experience.

We have selected key ideas from these companies that are turning customers into passionate followers. Come on! Try to be inspired.

Technology is an ally of sensory marketing

The Marriott Hotels international network is using oculus rift technology. It is a virtual reality equipment that allows the guest to explore the vacation destination in a fun way: he visualizes every aspect of the place as if he were there and can even feel the sun beating on his face or hear the sound of the sea.

El Celler de Can Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world located in Spain, is providing a different experience for its customers. Through the projection of augmented reality images, the client sees the seafood and hears the sound of the aquatic environment.

Here in Brazil, Marajoara Alimentos has launched the first long life packaging with augmented reality technology. When scanning the printed code with a mobile phone or tablet, the customer is surprised with images, videos and 3D animations.

Sensory marketing helps a brand stand out from the competition

The smell of a perfume is able to activate memories and emotions, because the human brain recognizes the aroma as something that provides well-being, associates it with a brand or experience lived within that company.

Tests have proven that men and women do not stay in the environment for a long time when the smell is characteristic of the opposite sex. So it is important to define the type of aroma according to the public.

The Stradivarius Store specializes in women’s clothing, uses a soft girl scent. The Zara store, which works with both sexes, uses a more spicy smell to appeal to all audiences.

The Barnes & Noble American store chain sprinkles perfume on books and the smell of fresh coffee also provides relaxation for customers. For those who love to read, simple attitudes like these are capable of enchanting, even for a short time.

McDonalds has created an ad that interacts with the consumer through sensory marketing. Specifically targeted at the audience that is going through the drive thru, this strategy uses the fullest moments, such as lunchtime and snack time, to advertise. A voice confirms that the potato chips are being prepared and transferred to the car, while the sound of the fryer mimics the preparation of the food. Practically irresistible!

Did you notice how it is possible to activate multiple stimuli at the same time? The senses of sight, hearing, and touch can be worked out together. The taste and the smell too. There is no rule and you can create your own differential with other interactions through sensory marketing.

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