How to build a brand can bring financial results for your business?

Como construir uma marca pode trazer resultados financeiros para seu negócio?

Every investment is expected satisfactory return. It is normal to emerge anxiety that this return comes soon. It must be clear about some important aspects to measure investment in Branding, avoiding misleading analysis of the return.

In this sense, we speak specifically of the need to build a brand to increase the results of marketing investments.

Build your brand is very important to increase sales

What is the main function of marketing? It increases sales, right? Well, that nobody disagrees. This does not mean that all marketing activities have to be focused on short-term sales. This is a point that usually generate much controversy among professionals, managers and also between clients and agencies.

It is also true that sales can not wait. Every day is to sell, and actions can never stop. But have you ever wondered why some brands have higher return than others in the sales process?

The answer may involve several factors. But it is certainly the investment in the development of the brand. This is important.

The client tend to choose brands recognized at the time of purchase. Develop your brand!

Develop a Branding Program at a company can increase its share of mind, brand awareness, creating empathy and involvement. The financial results from this process are clear because the consumer feel more secure and comfortable. It certainly is more susceptible to buy brands that have synergy or plays an important role in their lives.

For companies that sell similar products, familiarity and reliability will depend on what stage in the process of brand building will be and how the consumer perceives this process. It’s probably a crucial factor in the purchase decision, which impacts decisively on the bottom line of a business

Branding and financial results should always go together

Although obvious, there are still questions about the financial results in delivery of a Branding Program. So let’s look at the razaão that most of the major global brands invest in this management model. Could they be investing no return? I doubt !. Of course it’s the opposite. Global brands have more value than the sum of all its property assets.

An organization can make its mark is also an asset. To get this goal much more is needed than a pretty logo and a creative slogan. We must conduct a process of Branding, aligned to processes, team, target interests, market data, among others.

Where is the financial value of all this? The public perception is that it provides differentiation from the competition and puts the brand at a high level. Consequently, profit margins become much larger. Moreover, a strong brand can also be reversed in high numbers in the case of mergers and acquisitions (M & A).

You already use this approach in your business? How do you balance investment between Branding and sales actions? You want to discuss it? Comment below! Do not forget to subscribe to our Newsletter for tips and relevant content like this.

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